This has year has probably shown the highest rates of volatility in investments we have seen for the last 10 years. Volatility is the ‘degree of a trading price series as measured by the standard deviation of logarithmic returns’ which translated into ‘Yorkshire’ is how much your investments go up and down! Many existing clients are obviously concerned about the effects of Brexit next year however the markets this year have largely been affected by US companies (especially the technology companies) and the ‘bond’ market.


There are a few things to consider when making any investment. The two main ones are ‘Time’ and ‘Risk’. Your ‘Risk’ determines if you are prepared to take even a small or cautious capital risk with your money. ‘Time ‘is important as any investment should be judged ultimately over a ‘medium term’ period (typically 5 years). The answer to these two questions will determine a client’s ‘suitability’.

This year marks our 10th year as a family business and we are proud to have been nominated by as one of the top 100 IFA’s in the country based on our client reviews. We have also made an investment in our local area by the purchase of a dedicated office on Cross Hills Main Street.

If you are frustrated by the low level of return on your savings and you want a ‘New Approach to your Finances’, then please feel free to pop into our new offices at any time for a no obligation cup of tea and chat.