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Locum Insurance for Medical Professions

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Protection for
You + Your Staff

At Approachable Finance (Medical) we provide locum insurance cover to reimburse your costs should you need to employ a Locum due to the unexpected absence of one of your regular practice members.

Our flexible locum insurance packages allow medical practices to tailor the type of cover required to meet the financial implications of a wide range of eventualities that cause staff absences.

Our mission is to save medical practices money on locum insurance without compromising cover, enabling reinvestment in care provision. We are financial consultants not sales people and we will be ethical and fair at all times in the advice we give and the services we provide.

Getting the Best Policy
For Your Practice

Cover for

Our tailored locum insurance packages provide cover for doctors and medical practice staff.

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Cover for

Our tailored Dentist Locum Insurance packages provide cover for dentists and practice staff.

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Cover for

Our tailored Vets Locum Insurance packages provide cover for vets and veterinary practice staff.

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Cover for

Our tailored Physiotherapists Locum Insurance packages provide cover for physios and their staff.

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Cover for

Our tailored Opticians Locum Insurance packages provide cover for opticians and practice staff.

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Cover for

Our tailored Pharmacist Locum Insurance packages provide cover for pharmacists and their staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important information to help you understand the full details of your Locum insurance policy and ensure you have the right cover.

Locum Insurance FAQs

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As specialist financial advisors we are able to compare and contrast all locum and practice insurance plans without 'bias'.

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Pension seminars

Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert fame has described 2020 as a ‘savings horribillis’ and it is hard to argue! A major high street bank has cut its main savings rate by 0.5% with cash savings rates at record lows.  Most people’s average savings earnings are now around 0.4%!

Often people are unwilling to invest cash savings yet are happy to invest in pension. This is despite many of the underlying assets and risks can be similar. There seems to be an acceptance that pension ‘has’ to be invested but savings don’t?

There still remains a great deal of confusion with investors in regard to pensions and what options are available with their pension, on retirement, in regard to income and lump sum. The danger of pension freedoms is that many people are considering cashing in pensions, paying large amounts of tax and then putting that money in a bank when savings rates are at record lows!

For this reason Approachable Finance will be running some free, no obligation Retirement Seminars at our offices at 6.30pm on Tuesday 31st March and Thursday 23rd April. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone to come along in a group environment and get some information on retirement and savings planning. We look forward to seeing you and if it is of interest please RSVP as places are limited.

Flexiable access to your pension

A common enquiry over the last few years is a request for us to ‘sign a form’ to cash in or transfer a pension in its entirety into a bank account.

Often, we are contacted by people who simply do not understand that there are often better ways of taking pension. Whether it be using ‘guarantees’ associated with their pension that they were not aware or exploring options such as buying an annuity or flexible drawdown.

Whilst it may appear like the easy option of cashing in your pension, you have to consider that a full encashment will often mean a large ‘emergency tax’ bill of at least 20% of the fund value (after tax free cash).  Often the cashed in pension will sit in a bank account earning little or no interest. Not to mention the ‘opportunity cost’ of reducing the figure that gains interest by 20% paid out in tax.

If your pension is in a ‘pot’ which is invested on the stock market, it usually means it can be switched into a ‘Flexible Access’ or ‘Drawdown Pension’.  This means that the pension becomes flexible, meaning it can provide an income, or lump sum, or both. It is also accessible for the term of the pension and doesn’t tie money up like an annuity.

It is always recommended that at the point of retirement, it is worth speaking to a good independent financial advisor about your options.